Mentoring Services

I am expert at seeing your business from your perspective while providing an essential independent view of how customers, employees and other stakeholders perceive you. While my mentoring sessions are informal and flexible, each has a backbone and use proven industry frameworks to establish your business goals and help plot your business’ future.

A mentor you can rely on

I’m always looking to give my clients maximum benefit, and do this by helping them create their own bespoke business solutions through friendly, unbiased support and guidance. First, I need to get to know you and your business really well. I do this by meeting you and learning everything I can, including your goals and aspirations. Knowing this helps me provide the essential outside perspective you need to progress.

As your mentor, you can confide in me totally. I’ll suggest ways to make the most of yourself and your business, and you benefit directly from my broad commercial experience. You’ll learn from my own failures and successes and I’m your sounding board for all your ideas and business plans. Although final decisions are always yours, I’ll help you identify the support you need, consider your options and source key information to improve your position.

I’m here to get to know you – what makes you tick and how to motivate you. As an effective Business Mentor I will need to challenge you, especially if you’re reworking established behaviours, trying something new and tackling a lacklustre task. But this is how you and your business will grow.

Because I tailor everything I do to meet your needs I am a Business Mentor that can coach you when you need it to develop critical business skills. This may be when you need to learn a new competence to help you engage with your team, pitch for new business, understand business accounts, create your business plan and write a business strategy.

Remember, you’re no longer working alone when you engage a Business Mentor. Together we become a team, planning your success.

An experienced Business Mentor offers real value through the guidance, support and advice they bring to your organisation and career. Mentors and their approaches do differ, so make sure you choose one that offers you a trusted, completely independent outside view, in a style that works for you.

Typical areas and issues I help with:

  • build a realistic strategy, considering resources, drawing on my extensive, cross-sector, business experience;
  • use me as a sounding board for all business aspirations;
  • develop business plan and strategy forecasts whether for organic growth or growth through acquisition or partnership;
  • gel relationships as business partners around a common goal;
  • be a critical friend by being an extra pairs of eyes and ears in the business
  • plan growth for next 12 months with realistic actions;
  • define key targets to increase sales by agreed percentage;
  • develop understanding of what is unique and different about products and/or services;
  • segment and target discrete markets, audiences and customers;
  • identify opportunities.
  • ensure the right people are engaged for company growth;
  • assist with human resourcing issues;
  • develop skills;
  • identify how to look for the right people and retain them with the correct incentives.
  • ensure financial and book keeping systems are understood;
  • show how to obtain real time data to demonstrate business performance across different products, services and customers;
  • demonstrate cash flow and profit and loss performance.
  • grow understanding of business risks including cashflow; competitors; changing business environment; client and employee loss and any personal situations that affect the business.