Business solutions and mentoring services

London business mentor and coach, Philippa Seal follows the EMCC’s Code of Ethics. Her sessions help determine growth and solve problems for businesses of all sizes.

As a truly independent Business Mentor, I always put you first, treat your business as an individual and only act in your best interests. When I mentor and coach a business, whether they be an established organisation or just one person starting a business I offer a range of skills and experience to grow their enterprise.

Remember, you’re no longer working alone when you engage a Business Mentor. Together we become a team, planning your success.

I am expert at seeing your business from your perspective while providing an essential independent view of how customers and other stakeholders perceive you. While my mentoring sessions are informal and flexible, each has a backbone. I follow the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) guidelines and ethics, have undergone the ILM’s Level 7 Training and use proven industry frameworks to establish your goals and help plot your future.

A mentor you can rely on

I’m always looking to give my clients maximum benefit, and do this by helping them create their own bespoke business solutions through friendly, unbiased support and guidance. First, I need to get to know you and your business really well. I do this by meeting you and learning everything I can, including your goals and aspirations. Knowing this helps me provide the essential outside perspective you need to progress.

As your mentor, you can confide in me totally. I’ll suggest ways to make the most of yourself and your business, and you benefit directly from my broad commercial experience. You’ll learn from my own failures and successes and I’m your sounding board for all your ideas and business plans. Although final decisions are always yours, I’ll help you identify the support you need, consider your options and source key information to improve your position.

You’ll leave each of my mentoring sessions with an action plan and the means to achieve it.


Growth month on month

The best results become evident over time, where you have the opportunity to put actions into practice and experience change. Typically clients work with me over a year – usually across 12 monthly mentoring sessions. These can be face-to-face or online via Skype. Between sessions, I offer some additional support via email and telephone and this will be discussed when we meet.

My clients only ever receive candid, tailor-made and realistic advice.